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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  July 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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thanks, everyone, so mumu, have a wonderful day. >>hat's what's making news. have a great friday and wonderful . you're watching the station that works for you, "good morning maryland" at #:30. the command -- 4:30. the commander in chief is in town. president obama has a town hall meeting at local university. and a family relieved this morning after they find out their son missing in libya formonths has been found alive. we will have details on the plans for the possible rescue. we trust our police officeers to protect us and help us when things get out of hand. i am linda so. why one baltimore city cop is accused of violating that trust on the job. >> all that is straight ahead on this july 22nd, it's friday, the weekend is upon us. good morning, maryland, i am
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charley vowson. megan is off -- shall crowson, megan is off. justin berk is back in house. maybe the bearer of bad news justin because a lot of people are looking forward to the weekend. but it may be a warm one. >> and maybe you like the bears we should be considering hibernating. if you have air conditioning, stay in downs and if not, find a spot. the city running higher and 90s surrounding the region. the heat dome is here. excessive heat warning. morning temperatures in the 80s or hasn't left the 80s. another 100 plus heat day. 82 in baltimore and easton. and hagerstown. when we calculate the dew point, the true measure of moisture in the air. mid-70s for most us. wind off the water. the morning heat index is 95 on the eastern shore.
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this is rough out there. hopefully the cars are up-to- date and not going to overheat. let's check out what they are doing on the roads. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. we are accident free in the city and baltimore county as well. let's look at the beltway to see how things are going. no problems to report. 695 at wilkins. heavier traffic on outer loop to the left. no problems on the inner loop. all your lanes are open. right now dealing with overnight construction. 95 northbound between caton and 395 the two right lanes are closed. also the outer loop at pulaski highway the right lane is closed there as well. charley. >> thanks. top baltimore police officials are calling it anembarrassment to the department. a cop accused of dealing heroin while on the job returns to wort today. linda so is live at police headquarters with the details of that courtroom visit. linda. >> reporter: yes, that officer daniel redd is scheduled for a hearing today to determine if he will stay behind bars until
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the trial. officer redd is accused of operating a heroin ring. he's been indicted on 7 drug related charges. court documents show he act as drug ring leader getting it from a supplier in africa. investigators said he was in police soon formed, armed with a happened gun white conducting the suspected tran action. the 4 #-year-old was a -- 41- year-old was a patrol officer in the northwest district. again, officer redd up for that bond hearing later today. live at city police head quart he is, linda so, abc2 -- headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. police made an arrest in the shooting of a police officer. they got a tip who led them back to cook's lane. after a brief chase they took in chey jordan and found the disassembled piecess of an assault -- pieces of an assault rifle that hit the officer.
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>> his service weapon was just, you know, an incredible coincidence that frankly probably saved his life. >> police are telling abc2 news jordan is an army veteran with tours of duty in iraq. baltimore police are trying to determine what led to the shooting death of an 18-year- old standout student athlete. marcus harvel impreased scouts and coaches and teammates with his skills but wednesday afternoon police found him suffering from a gunshot wound in the brooklyn holmes housing project. authorities are investigating that he and a friend could have been mishandling a gun just before it went off. a silver spring man has been convicted of slashing tires on a car in a hate related crime. steven armstrong was found guilty of malicious destruction of property and committing a crime based on race. the prosecutors are saying 53- year-old admitted he vandalized a hispanic man's car and along with others and told the victim
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he hated hispanics. a driver suffered minor injuries after his truck was hit by a csx train. police say the 58-year-old failed to stop at a flashing red light on a railroad crossing tuesday afternoon. the train clipped the truck causing the truck to roll onto its side. it happened around the 700 block of of pennsylvania avenue in hagerstown. police say he was taken to the hospital with glass in his arm but is otherwise okay. and the national museum of crime and punishment in washington has a new -- of crime and punishment in washington has new exhibit. it has items from ted can youincidence can i. it was -- -- consumer alert, experts say apple is on the verge of becoming the most valuable company on earth.
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experts attribute that to the outpouring of the products that consumers are often waiting to buy. i think i can be one of those who is guilty of that. the company is also increased the profits to the billions. it keeps pouring in. and with apple's success a new economy and app developers are raked in 2 1/2 billion dollars. continuing that success, word apple may be considering a bid for a video service that is according to bloomburg news. experts say the company is in early talks that may lead to the bid. those close to the talks spoke on the condition of anonymitty. they would give apple a new subscription service. well after more than a month, new word about the whereabouts of a missing maryland journalists. where some believe matthew vandyke has been all this time. and taking matters into his hands, what one driver did after he saw his car and decided it was a lemon and you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at
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4:30. a live look at our nation's capitol -- capitol and we will be right back.
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now out good morning maryland "-- now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. get ready for the a great night with the maryland spca holding the wine and wag happy hour tonight from 5:30 to 7:30. it may be hot. the event includes paw painting, bobbing for hot dogs and fun runs and tours of the new adoption center. tickets are 10 bucks in advance and $15 at the door and you can get more information by going to it could be hot for all who turn out, justin. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. it will be hot for just about everybody. we look back in time to yesterday. we want to show you what it
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looked like at the naval academy in annapolis. want to get by water? it adds moisture but it had their temperatures cooler than everybody else. by the naval academy, the upper 80s yesterday. that sounds nice compared to 98 and 100 that many of us have seen. the numbers are at 83 at the naval academy. 84 in columbia and eldersburg. we are around the 80 degree mark. and the future radar indicates there could be some thunderstorms that try to develop. a little disturbance around the heat dome that is acting on a lot of energy. we have so much moisture in the atmosphere that if something triggers the storms, they could be torrential downpours. but the release of that energy leaves the heat around and we will have another round of thunderstorms heading into the afternoon tomorrow breaking down the heat a bit. 102 with a heat index to 115. >> reporter: a quiet morning traffic wise. okay on the harrisburg
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expressway and jfx. let's look at the beltway. 695 at liberty road on the northwest side. steady traffic building in both directions but no incidents. not evenly that -- even that much volume. we have the overnight construction wrapping up on the outer loop at pulaski. the right lane is closed. 95 northbound between caton and 395, the two right lanes are closed overnight. charley. >> thanks a lot. 4:41. a baltimore city journalist that has been in bib yeah is -- libya is believed to be alive. this is what his mother told abc2 in airplane. >> i think he is alive-- in april. >> i think he is alive. i haven't thought he is not alive. i hope he is not being tortured. >> maryland congressman says he has been spotted in the tripoli prison. matthew vandyke went to libya in the winter to write about theuprising-and was there a week when he disappeared in march. he is one of seven people missing and jailed in libya. vandyke's mother and girlfriend
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say they learned about the sightings through e-mail from it national humanitarian -- international humanitarian aide group. law makers have a weak too fr today to make over their minds on the debt crisis. -- >> reporter: today, the impact he hopes his setting will have. a delay along the orange and red lines. we will tell you about that when "good morning maryland" continues. we are first and only at 4:30. a live look down at baltimore's inner harbor.
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news time 4:41. five things to know before going out the door this morning. prince george's county is going to get the first teaching hospital by 2017. the medical center is going to be built in central prince
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george's. the cost is about 600 million dollars to build. more nasa flyovers planned for today analyzing our overall air quality. now it's going to be the 10th day of those low flyovers scheduled to run from 9:30 until 5:30 tonight. the flights will be between the washington beltway and here in baltimore following along interstate 95. governor o'malley is scheduled to talk about his plans to push harder for same sex marriage legislation in maryland. o'malley will hold a news conference later today talking about how he will support legislation in january his upcoming general assembly session. youtube is going to be streaming austin city limits in the video sites ongoing evidence for live musical festivals and digital screen. they streamed tennessee's bono and outside land festival in san francisco. metro says weekend track work will cause delays up to 30 minutes along the red and orange line. metro will begin the work tonight at around 10 and continue through sunday.
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metro says you can travel along the orange and red lines and expect delays of more than half an hour. and with that debt crisis loom-- looming, the president will talk to those at the university of maryland in a town hall meeting setting. sherrie johnson is here with more on what the president plans to discuss. >> reporter: president obama is holding a town hall style meeting at 11 a.m. and it's expected to last an hour and the white house says the meet will go focus on the economy and the debt crisis. washington is in a deadlock over raising the country's borrowing limit a full house is expected today at the event with over a thousand people. tickets are required and they started handing them out yesterday on campus. this town hall meeting will be president obama's fourth visit to the campus and the second as president he. he rallied students in 2009 at the height of the fight over his health care overhaul. president obama will serve as his moderator accepting questions from audience members who raise their hands a spokesman says the white
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househas been considering a town hall meeting outside washington for sometime. the university provides an ideal visit to focus on the budget where middle and working class people send their children. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. in washington the latest on the debt talks. republican and democratic negotiators continue to negotiate or blaming and finger pointing but who is to blame for the crisis. they are trying to come up with a deal. just days before the deadline hits, remember, it's august 2nd, the nation runs out of the credit -- credit and they can't agree how to get. this they have agreed on one thing. >> we are going to -- we are not going to let the u.s. government default on the obligations. >> the congress must act before august 2nd. i will keep members of congress here as long as it takes to get it done. >> all right. it seems like all the debate is not hurting the president's chance of reelection a poll by
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abc news and washington post find he went from a dead even race now he leads 51 to 44% among those polled. and more talks going on this morning in the sports world and it looks like the ravens could be hitting the football field this fall after all. it appears the nnl -- it appears the nfl lockout could be inching closer to conclusion. nfl team owners met yesterday. last night, owners unanimously agreed to the new terms. >> in addition to approving that agreement, we approved is supplemental revenue sharing system for the next 10 years. >> we want to play foot wall and-- football and go back to work but we won't agree to a deal unless it's right for the all the players. >> the players and owners have been in odds since march when the lockout began. and if you want math on this,the lockout lasted longer than the season. the issue of what to a do with
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$9 billion in annual revenue. players have to ratify that agreement and a vote is expected today. a family in arizona is accused of exploiting labor of five vietnamese immigrants since 2001. investigators say the victims came to the u.s. with a promise of a better life. police then say they ended up working in the family's home and in their bridal business. after being denied a refund for buying a lemon one man is mad and is not taking it anymore. police in new hampshire say david cross bought a van and discovered it had more than a few problem and took it back to the dealership and wanted a refund and when they said no he he smashed it into 6 other vehicles and drove down the road flagged down a cop and told the cop what he did. cross faces six counts of criminal mischief. well we are calling it pizzas on the move. a pizza maker in maine has
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taken her kitchen on the road. jessica shepard and a partner made a wood fire oven in the back of a truck. she keeps true to the business name, the uproot pie company. pretty cool. trying my best not to melt. >> this is washington weather by the way. and i understand we will have four more days at 100 or above. >> ice cold watter. >> we need its cold. that soupy humid air covering the eastern shore most of you are trying to find ways to cope with it. counties across the region are opening cooling centers to help people beat the heat. the blistering heatwave brought stifling conditions across the u.s. breaking records on a daily basis. excessive heat watches, warnings and advisories are in effect over the central u.s. and ohio valley and northward into new england. a little closer to home
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several maryland cities are helping residents cope with the extreme heat. listen up. you might need to take advantage of this. annapolis is running the cooling centers through sunday, baltimore is expanding the number of available cooling stations throughout the weekend. frederick says it's going to runpublic cooling centers through saturday and potomac edison will postpone a maintenance related outage. city officials requested the delay to ensure the power for the cooling will be available at 115 utility customers within that area. for more tips on how to stay cool and beat the heat, and save energy, go to and click on the weather related tab. one more day off for kids today at the baltimore city code red summer programs. that's because of the high temperatures and those schools will be closed again. it's going to be an early jump- start on the weekend. the closure only affects schools that don't have air conditioning.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 4:51. high president crush 1 hundred -- high temperature yesterday 100. probably going to be a few more 100 degree readings today. let's show outmorning numbers. 82 is where we are andn baltimore. and we were talking about not being able to slip back out of the 80s. there was a predict yesterday that at 4:30 this morning it would be 82 and i want to gib him the thumbs up on a good accurate -- give him the thumbs up on a good, accurate forecast. the heat dome is in full play. high pressure in control across the south. you can see the circulation around it. and anything underneath it really suppressed and hard- pressed to develop any storms. there may be some around the periphery and we are on the edge of this heat dome. and as it is dominating in place, looks like we have a better chance of temperatures
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higher than yesterday. we add in a little more humidity and there may be showers on the periphery to develop in the afternoon hours and there's a possibility we may get relief tomorrow with afternoon and evening storms pulling back on the thermostat by the end of theweekend. heat index not the 105 but 115 to 120. our forecast high of 102 would be a brand new record for the date. we will stay near 08 overnight. muggy and buggy and any isolated storms that pop up late afternoon and evening may continue overnight. and we go into the weekend where we pull back to 99. a little cooler and we will get much more cooler as we head through early next week. let's see what's happening on the roads with tonya. >> reporter: good morning. quiet traveling 795 southbound from reisterstown through owings mills. lea let's look on southwest side of the city. 95 north of 195. no problems to report at this time of the morning. it's usually volume on the southbound side to the right of the screen. coninstructs over-- construction overnight wrapping
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up. outer loop at pulaski highway right lan affected there too. time is 4:53. months after an uprising that gained global attention, egyptian ruling forces have appointed a new cabinet. >> no one is having any options for -- to choose someone we can trust. >> coming up, a run-down of who is now in charge. and ten years after the conflictbegan, u.s. forces are handing cities back to afghan forces. we will have the latest on that. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look this morning a few miles down the road at the nation's capital.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. libyan leader cay did havey dismissed a possibility of negotiating with rebels controlling half the country until the day of judgment.
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those remarks came from a speech thursday. the leader qaddafi appears to be trying to boost morale as the rebels push in on three fronts and most western countries have recognized the rebels as legitimate representatives within the country of libya. and the head of the ruling military council in egypt thursday swore in new cabinet. feeling pressure from protesters demanding faster change and weeding out of those to the ousted regime, the government features 12 new faces and 2 prime ministers. 13 others members from the previously administration kept their jobs. coalition forces on thursday turned over control to afghan troops. during a speech, the head of theafghan transition commission thanked the people of the region. western afghanistan's largest city is one of 7 areas being handed over to the afghan control throughout the month of july.
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homeland security secretary janet napolitano says aviation is a top target ten years after the 9/11 attacks. new measures have gone into place as terrorists plotted new ways to bring down airliners. she tells the associated press the government sees more intelligence about the threats to aviation and that's one of the biggest concerns they have. now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: police have made an arrest in the shooting of a city cop. i am linda so, why a man they have in custody may have had experience with all kinds of guns. a teen killed inside a brooklyn housing project. what police have saying about the student athlete. and fight between millionaires and billionaires could be ending. how close is the nfl to ending that lockout? all that is straight ahead on this friday, july 22nd, good morning, i am charley crowson. megan pringle is off today. but, she is not going to be
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enjoying the day outside because justin berk is back with us this morning. and justin, it's going to be ascorcher. >> as much as we complain you have to feel for the pregnant women. >> and those carrying twins. >> these are the current temperatures on our storm center weathernet. 83 easton. 81 chestertown. joppa 81 as well. same for reisterstown and columbia and mount airy 83. look at frederick. 86 degrees with a 92 heat index. pick your favorite location. it's probably in the a favorite spot today but it's -- it's probably not a favorite spot today. look at this. in baltimore, at tide point, 87 on the thermometer right now. that's an actual current live reading. 96 heat index on the southern end of the baltimore harbor which includes places like federal hill. yeah, you are dealing with it. it's sick and rough this morning. and all this moisture in the atmosphere, even though we have a dome of high pressure overhead, may spawn some thunderstorms